Why talk to Keene Electronics?

A brief company History

Way back in 1988 we were using in a Sony Handycam and we couldn't understand why one battery performed considerably better than another, even though they were both used in the same equipment. Our investigations led us through some desperately dull text books, but eventually we came to the conclusion that our problems were related to handling, in that the nicads lost capacity if they had not been discharged before being charged. After much experimentation we found a method of discharging which safely restored all our test batteries to their full capacity. At that time, discharging nicads was not mentioned in any camcorder instruction book, and the general idea was not popular. Nevertheless, we decided to test market our "Black Box dischargers". They proved instantly popular and so Keene Electronics was born.

From that start we went on to designed and produce several variants of charges and dischargers for Nicad and li-ion batteries both as Keene own brand and also oem branded for other major retailers. Over the last 20 odd years we have designed and produced many other products, for example: LANC camera controllers Infra red distribution Infra red over IP RS232 over IP Contact closure over IP Mains switching and mains distribution controllable via IP PoE modules Analogue & Digital Audio amplifiers including with Bluetooth.

If you would like to discuss either oem branding for any of our existing products or a complete new product design then please get in touch.